Why use bamboo plates in your wedding?

If you want to spend a ton of money, put pressure on breaking the table, and spend hours cleaning up after your wedding reception, you should really prepare for your wedding day celebration. However, if you prefer not to do these things, your best bet is to use disposable wedding plates.

How Bamboo plates set for Weddings are made?

Less popular than the palm tablecloth, the natural smoothness and uniformity of the bamboo plates make them an attractive choice for zero waste, eco-friendly weddings. Due to its fast-growing nature, bamboo is often called a “miracle plant”.  Some breeds can grow up to four inches in 24 hours. To make bamboo plates, the plant’s stems are cut into thin strips. Some of them are glued with food-grade glue to form a strong plate. When buying bamboo plates, you are encouraged to use only environmentally conscious, reputable suppliers.  Here are some reasons:

  • Poorly manufactured plates may not be environmentally friendly due to the use of low-grade adhesives.
  • Increased demand for bamboo products in some parts of the world has contributed to deforestation and mono-cropping.

1. Elegant design

Gone are the days when disposable plates only came in teddy designs. These days, disposable dinner plates come in beautiful designs to choose from. There are designs that are perfect for formal occasions and extravagant parties. The EcoGardener is a sleek design of disposable wooden plates, perfect for those who appreciate an unusual style with minimal and clean lines.

2. Sustainability

As far as performance is concerned, disposable plates outperform classic dinnerware. Most are made of thin, fragile materials, so disposable plates tend to break down during use. Not anymore.  Modern disposable plates such as EcoGardener disposable wood plates are amazingly durable. These plates are made for big parties like weddings, big parties, and special occasions.

The perfect bamboo dinnerware set for your guests

With all the information so far about safe and green life, without saying you know, the bamboo dinnerware set is precisely what you need. It is an excellent biodegradable alternative to plastic or ceramic kitchenware that can bend, break, or color, especially when exposed to high temperatures. Bamboo makes excellent things that are quite durable. Furthermore, you can even give bamboo plates bulk wedding sets as a return gift to your guests.

Conclusion When planning a party, event, or wedding, you need to worry about many things; the last thing you want to weigh at your discretion is how much you have. Once used, plastic is not only dangerous to the environment and the most important role in bamboo plates. Therefore, it is only prudent to be environmentally conscious and take such decisions after giving diligent thought. Once you are sure of taking a sustainable approach for your wedding, the Art of Sustainability is there to help you through. Our wide range of sustainable and ethnic products is just the aesthetic you need for your wedding!

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